Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting
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  by Indigo DQM
  Indigo DRS Technical Overview
Specialist Data Reporting Software  
Powerful RDL Report Engine
XQuery / XPath, XSLT, Python, SQL
Data Visualization, Charting and Graphs
Data Tables and Pivot Tables
Data Mapping, Filtering and Sorting
Expression and Formula Evaluation
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Report Rules, Data Contexts & Sub Reports
HTML, PDF and Text Document Outputs
Rapid Report Development (RRD)
Reusable Reporting Platform


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Indigo Scape offers you an Affiliate Program that is a smart and easy way to increase the profitability of your Web site. Simply send people to the Indigo Scape web store and earn a referral bonus for every purchase they make.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a software publisher offers the opportunity for others to sell their products from their host web sites in return for a commission on sales. This provides tremendous sales opportunity to the software retailer (affiliate) as they develop their own virtual sales program, increasing their web site's revenue with each sale made through the program.

Great reasons to become an Indigo Scape Affiliate:

With commerce solutions not found in other conventional affiliate programs, the eSellerate program includes features such as:

  • "Try and Buy" options - with eSellerate's ground-breaking SalesTrac Technology (eST), you will still get credit for sales made post-download. No more efforts going unrewarded or limitations on how you can promote products.

  • Detailed sales reports and admin tools - as an affiliate, you are provided a secure account offering access to all of your sales information and reporting, accounts receivable and payment history, and administrative tools that make the management of your partnerships very easy—all in real-time, available 24/7.

  • Accurate sales executions and tracking - no more reliance on ineffective cookie based or even less reliable solutions. With our exclusive eSellerate SalesTrac Technology (eST), we utilize tracking mechanism that assure you are credited with the sales you initiate and deserve.

  • Automated payments - eSellerate settles directly between you and your publisher partners and provide guaranteed payment terms. Settlement is done electronically via ACH, International ACH, and International Wire Transfer as applicable.

  • Ease of use - getting set up is simple and completely automated to the point you can begin selling in a matter of minutes. Custom builds from developers are not required and all approvals are performed online, in real-time, eliminating unnecessary delays and lost sales.

  • Online terms and conditions - All terms are provided to you for acceptance online in our continuing effort to simplify your experience.

What is the cost of being part of the Indigo Scape affiliate program?

Absolutely nothing! Once you have signed up you will have access to a catalog of products available to be sold through your web store. Everything is managed by you from within an online sales manager, where you will be able to monitor all transactions in real-time. You can sit back and watch the commissions roll in.

Indigo Scape Affiliate Program

To become an Indigo Scape Affiliate please click here...


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